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Adjumani – show your support and solidarity!

A donation drive by
Schüller Möbelwerk KG

Emergency aid, medical and psychosocial services and education: the team at the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) supports refugees and local residents in Adjumani. The JRS’s comprehensive campaign for education enables girls and young women in particular to take the leap and live independently, away from poverty.


The project

country road

Emergency aid, support and education for refugees

In this year’s Christmas donation campaign, we are supporting the Jesuit Refugee Service team in Adjumani. This district in Northern Uganda is a location of active deployment for the JRS.

The number of people fleeing to Uganda from neighbouring countries is constantly rising and the supply situation is extremely fraught. For thirty years, the team has been giving all-round support by providing food and medicines, psychosocial guidance and a wide range of education and training options.


Project overview:

Unterstützung Icon

Emergency aid & support

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Education & training options

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Future prospects for refugees


The last year in figures


JRS employees on the ground


People further developed thanks to education


People supported in a in a variety of ways


children taking Englisch lessons

Rural education campaign

One particular problem in rural areas is the lack of educational opportunities.

The Jesuit Refugee Service counteracts this issue with a range of educational programmes and provides support by means of:

  • scholarships
  • teacher training programmes
  • school books and other materials.

Refugee girls in particular are helped to strive for a higher education as in South Sudan they are often considered ready for marriage at the age of 14. For both local and refugee children, an education is a chance to live a better, independent life.

Children eating

In 2022, a total of 7,000 people across the country were able to benefit from the different education options provided by the JRS – from nurseries to university programmes!

crop field

Background of the local situation

In East Africa, the existence of millions of people is threatened.

Wars, such as the conflicts in Sudan and South Sudan, lead to violence, displacement and ongoing humanitarian crises.

At the same time, the effects of the global climate crisis are palpable: increasingly long periods of drought affect the country’s economy and lead to

  • food scarcities
  • epidemics
  • economic decline and
  • migration.

Migration to uncertainty

Over 1.5 million refugees live in Uganda, predominantly from South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia.

Housed in rural areas or the capital city Kampala, the uncertainty is still endless and omnipresent for both refugees and local residents. Along with the increasing numbers of refugees, the economic, ecological and developmental challenges are becoming ever greater.


The JRS’s work in Uganda

JRS is present in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, which is one of the fastest growing metropolises worldwide. They are also focusing their efforts on Adjumani in the north of the country. Around 240,000 refugees live in this district just a few kilometres from the border with the hot spot of South Sudan.

The Jesuit Refugee Service team is particularly active here and provides support for both refugees and local residents. After 30 years on the ground, the work of the JRS now seems more important then ever: The number of individuals fleeing from the neighbouring states to Uganda is growing year upon year, as is the humanitarian and economic crisis in the country.

As well as their comprehensive education campaign and support for people in their professional training, the team provides a psychosocial consulting service and a programme for people in acute need, such as those suffering from serious illnesses or other great misfortunes.

The comprehensive pastoral programme offered by the relief organisation jesuitenweltweit also gives many of them the reassurance that they are not alone. God is with them and will stand by them!

children in Adjumani

By supporting them, you are making a significant contribution that will help to transform the lives of fellow human beings in their time of need. Let’s give the refugees in Uganda the gift of hope and a better future.


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100 % of your donation goes to the Jesuits!

jesuitenweltweit will pass the full amount of the earmarked donations on to their project partners.

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