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graue Garderobe


Hang things up, lay them down, tie them on and sometimes simply throw them in

A wordrobe accommodate jackets, coats, shoes, umbrellas, hats, school bags and dog leads but often also relieve us of any other baggage we are carrying as we arrive home. There is rarely room for all of this as spacious hallways and entrance areas are few and far between. The desire for ingenious solutions that promise and withstand more therefore comes as no surprise.




When the wardrobe merges into one with the kitchen and the rest of the living area, it not only needs to be practical, but also to look good. As such, the small room miracle not only offers a maximum of storage space but also mirrors and the friendly colour designs expand the space.



Garderobe Hochschrank

An extra-high design with tall units, open and closed shelves and practical pull-outs offers ample space for all kinds of things, whether hidden away or on display.



Weißer Garderobe Hochschrank

The clear partitioning with both open and closed compartments makes things easy to access, provides comfortable seating and helps keep the entranceway neat and tidy.



A cabinet for all purposes – different elements

Schwarzer Orgawall

Perfect order is guaranteed if there is a solution for every requirement.The Orga Wall is a smart organisation helper. It helps to store things that often get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, for example pens and keys. 


Schuhe Hochschrank
Garderobe Kleiderstange

The illuminated wardrobe is the perfect solution for coats and jackets and pull-outs for scarfs and gloves are always a good idea.


Garderobe Icon

The choice of surfaces, colours and cupboard types invites you to perfectly coordinate the overall furnishings.  


lighted cloakroom

The first impression counts: the wardrobe quasi welcomes you into the home.  It is a representative eye-catcher that also creates an atmospheric ambience with optional LED lighting.