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Küchenbeleuchtung Licht in der Küche

Lighting & other technology

Lighting creates an atmosphere

Bright lighting for work where it’s needed or mood lighting in the evening: whatever the requirements, lighting has a considerable effect on the feel-good factor in the kitchen.


Küche mit Sockelbeleuchtung

Functional lighting in the kitchen

Küche mit Einbaustrahler

Work light from built-in spotlight or pendant light

Direct, bright light is required to illuminate work areas so that you can focus on the job in hand when cooking and preparing food.

Out of sight but still a highlight: built in spotlights hidden in the wall unit light up the work surface where needed whilst creating a pleasant atmosphere. Or there's the option of built-in LED lights that also provide plenty of light.

Kitchen with pendant lights

Work light thanks to pendant light

Take a simple kitchen island and combine it with a minimalistic LED pendant light and this will provide you with the perfect lighting for work and more room for enjoyment. And then we have lighting profiles that make the onyx black recess panel a real eye-catcher – creating a pleasant ambience has never been so easy!


Lighting that can do more, providing direct light for work or indirect mood lighting. Making a statement swinging freely above the worktop or built-in and concealed inside cupboards, recesses or grip ledges. It all depends on what you want it for and on the room itself.

Nische Mantle

Recess lighting

Küchenbeleuchtung Licht in der Küche

On the Frame Rack, elements with or without lighting can be combined in a number of ways.

Discover our Frame Rack shelving system

Interior lighting

Puts everything in the right light: interior lighting for pull-outs

Kitchen drawers with lighting
Schublade mit Beleuchtung

Ambient lighting

Indirect, concealed lighting in units, recesses, grip ledges and plinths or under shelves is what creates an atmosphere:

grün beleuchtete moderne Küche
Schubladen mit Licht

Grip ledge light

Grip ledge lighting not only helps to set the mood but also effectively illuminates drawers below.

Kitchen with lighted shelves

Illuminated shelving

Another way to create a relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen is using illuminated shelving that creates a beautiful play of light on the wall.

Side shelf
lighted side shelf
kitchen sliding cupboard with lighting

Now you see me, now you don’t: the interplay of open and closed areas is complemented by indirect lighting so that everything is showcased just how you like it.

Practical and atmospheric

Lighting for effect or for work, exactly where it is needed! Whatever you are looking for, anything is possible.


Lighting possibilities
Küchen LED Beleuchtung
Base shelf with LED handle profile
Küchen mit beleuchtetem Oberschrank
LED lighting shelf
Küchen Beleuchtung mit LED
LED built-in spotlight
Kitchen lights
LED built-in spotlight SWING
shelf with lighting strips
LED illuminated wall shelf Wing
Kitchen with plinth ighting
Emotion LED plinth light
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LED recess lighting
Küchennischen mit Beleuchtung
Illuminated LED grip ledge
Kitchen drawers with lighting
Pull-out with interior lighting
Küche Pendelleuchte
LED pendant light inavailable in stainless steel colours or onyx black
Shelf with lighting
LED-wall light board 4 cm
Regale mit Lichtband
LED light band for open shelf units
Support panel shelves with LED linear lights
Support panel shelves with LED linear lights
kitchen smart light control

Smart lighting control

Make your kitchen lighting "smart" and control your light set by wireless remote control, smartphone, tablet or by voice command. You can adjust light colour and brightness of the lights, organize groups and set suitable light scenes for your individual lighting situation.

Get advice and find an optimal and individual solution for you.
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Further technical equipment for your kitchen


Careful selection and installation of technical appliances in your kitchen can contribute to a smooth and aesthetically pleasing kitchen experience.

nachhaltige Küchen
Ecklifter in der Küche

Raised corner shelf with pull-out shelf

Enough with “dead corners”! With the stylish onyx black raised corner shelf, kitchen appliances can be easily hidden in the cupboard below and all power outlets can be summoned as and when they’re needed. Thanks to the extendable pull-out shelf, kitchen appliances are no longer banished to the corners of the room, as they are instead securely and stably rolled into the working space using the anti-slip rollers.

Not just technical, but also sustainably designed: discover our Matera kitchen model with sustainable fronts, made from 89% sustainable raw materials and up to 71% wood from the circular economy.
Kitchen model Matera

Nische Mantle
schwarze Steckdose Säule


Socket range in onyx black

For greater consistency and more design options, the socket elements can also be selected in our onyx black system colour in addition to stainless steel colors. This allows us to achieve a high level of consistency or consciously create modern contrasts.

Küche Steckdose mit Frontblenden
Küche schwarz schwenkbare Steckdose
Küche versteckte schwenkbare Steckdose aus Edelstahl
Küche Steckdosensäule aus Edelstahl