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Working from home becomes a real pleasure

Working from home is increasingly becoming the norm. Finding the right place to do this is often far from easy though. Really well thought-out solutions are needed that are perfectly integrated into the space.


Working from home requires solution-oriented thinking. Consequently, the task at hand is to optimally utilise the available space. For instance, work materials disappear into the wall units w ith p ractical f olding fl aps a nd into the base units and pullouts, which can be provided with Tip On or even extravagant leather handles. The stylish integration of a light into the Frame Racks or wall units positioned above perfectly illuminates the work area.

A study integrated into the open space

A study integrated into the open space

In recent times, the job more and more takes place at home. In order to integrate the working space perfectly into the existing living concept, smart solutions are in demand. Here, the office is hidden inside the tall unit.