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Kitchen thought one step further

Sideboards, shelves and living room units made from kitchen elements ‒ in times of open living concepts, it is extremely important that all pieces of furniture are matching. Whether in lavish single-family homes, spacious lofts or small city apartments: More and more the trend is toward open-plan layouts – where all areas of life flow into one another. In this regard, it’s nice when the furniture and surfaces are also coordinated – or deliberately provide tasteful contrasts.


Specific elements can act as discrete separators, or custom lighting scenarios can be used to give structure to the arrangement of the space as a whole. The focus in the living area is on a comfortable ambience, whereas the place for work requires orderliness and clarity. Intelligently organised storage space is particularly significant in this respect. Nothing can do more to impair the atmosphere of a room than tableware and work materials lying about. On the other hand, there are many decorative items that are worth displaying. It is therefore wonderful to enjoy maximum flexibility in terms of furnishings and accessories when it comes to perfectly designing the available space wholly to your liking.