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lighted wood shelves

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

As a manufacturer of kitchen and lounge furniture, it is important to us not only to deliver our customers with quality products but also to provide a broad range of services. Here we would like to provide you with answers to frequently asked questions and make it easier for you to choose your customised kitchen by Schüller.

Ordering & Delivery

Where can I buy Schüller furniture?

We sell our products exclusively to selected retail partners. You can search for a retailer here: retailer search

We also recommend that you use our online planner, which includes some of our units so that you can see how they fit in your room. This will give you a rough idea of how they will look. You can access the kitchen planner here

Discover even more planning tools for your kitchen or utility room. 

To the planning tools

Where can I request a sample for the kitchen I wish to order?

Are you already looking for curtains, flooring and wall colours for your kitchen and need a colour sample? 

We can send you up to five colour samples free of charge. Simply complete the contact form  with your address and the name of the respective front or worktop. Moreover, you can view samples and materials at any time at a Schüller retailer near you.

When will my kitchen or follow-up order be delivered?

Your contractual partner is the best person to answer that. Our retail partners have all of the information on delivery times and notifications and also know when the goods can be delivered to you.


Is it also possible to order your products online?

No, you can only purchase our products directly from our retailers. That is the only way we can be sure that you receive competent advice.

Use our retailer search function to find a specialist retailer near you: to the retailer search

Complaints and replacement parts

Who do I need to talk to if I have a complaint?

The person to speak to in the event of a complaint is always your contractual partner. If you have purchased a kitchen from one of our retail partners, they are your guarantor and therefore the person to talk to if you have any complaints.

Where can I request replacement parts or buy accessories for my kitchen?

We sell our products exclusively to selected retail partners. You can also order individual parts for your kitchen from them at a later date.

To the retailer search

My kitchen front has minor flaws – is there a way for me to easily remedy these myself?

Yes! We can gladly provide you with touch-up lacquer suitable for your front at no charge. Simply specify your address and the name of the respective front in the contact form  . Please note: This possibility is not available for all fronts.

For how long will I be able to obtain replacement parts and/or extend my kitchen?

Schüller kitchens are subject to a collection cycle of one year. However, the length of time they remain in the range varies depending on demand. Ongoing development and modification are inevitable where material, design and technology are concerned. Please note that we generally always find a solution for supplemental or subsequent purchases though. Contact your specialist retailer in this regard. This will be better able to assist you if you bring your original purchase contract with you.

Information material

Can you send me a catalogue?

Yes! Use the order catalogue  option to have our printed catalogue delivered directly to your home.

Alternatively, a digital variant is also available. You can download the catalogue as a PDF file or browse through it interactively.
To the catalogue

General information

What does a Schüller kitchen cost?

We cannot specify a general price for a kitchen as designing a kitchen is an extremely personal matter and there are many factors to consider. For example, the size, equipment and functionality as well as the choice of materials and design. This is why we recommend that you visit a retailer in your area for inspiration and advice. Use our retailer search  function to find the right retailer for you.


How long is the warranty on your kitchens?

All information on warranty claims can be obtained from your specialist retailer.


How do I find a retailer near me?

It’s great that our kitchens inspire you! Use our retailer search function to find a specialist retailer near you:

To the retailer search

We hope you enjoy planning your new kitchen!

Can I work for you?

Thank you for your interest in our company. You are welcome to apply for a job with us; you can see all current job vacancies on our Careers page:

To the current vacancies


Cleaning & care

How do I clean my furniture?

We recommend different methods for cleaning and caring for different materials and surfaces. You can see a detailed list of all our care tips at clean and care