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On a journey to a more sustainable kitchen with Schüller!

For an environmentally friendly future

From our fronts to our carcases and our interior drawer fittings – eco-friendliness is the future. Innovative products are taking the kitchen on a journey towards sustainability and the circular economy.


Schueller kitchen with sustainable fronts


A kitchen with fronts made from recyclable materials, sustainable interior fittings and a friendly feel – here you can cook and enjoy life with a clear conscience.


Features of our sustainable fronts

Our sustainable fronts have a lot to offer:

  • These laminated fronts also boast a matt UV-lacquer coating.
  • The special anti-fingerprint technology feels wonderful to the touch. It reduces fingerprints and therefore the need for cleaning.
  • The fronts are highly resistant to both dry and humid heat and many cleaning products.

These surface features increase quality and sustainability and, in turn, the service life of our fronts.

Made from sustainable raw materials

Circular economy & recyclability

Anti-fingerprint technology

Excellent durability & long service life

Appearance and new colours

How to turn your kitchen into a head-turner!

NEW: Pebble grey for carcases and surrounds

Something quite special: pebble grey is now available as a colour option for carcases and surrounds! Fully matching shelves, recess cladding and kitchen unit exteriors and interiors are also available.

Sustainable fronts

Here you can see an overview of our sustainable fronts, labelled with the Schüller sustainability icon. We use this symbol to identify products, materials, components and manufacturing processes which make an above average contribution to sustainability, the circular economy, conservation of resources and recycling.


Matt UV lacquer
Matera L102T White matt AFP
NEW - Matera L102T
White matt AFP
Matera L187T Onyx black matt AFP
NEW - Matera L187T
Onyx black matt AFP
Matera L207T Pebble grey matt AFP
NEW -Matera L207T
Pebble grey matt AFP
Matera Colour
Matt UV lacquer
Matera Colour L297T Steel blue matt AFP
NEW - Matera Colour L297T
Steel blue matt AFP
Matera Colour L317T Eucalyptus green matt AFP
NEW - Matera Colour L317T
Eucalyptus green matt AFP
Matera Colour L322T Orient red matt AFP
NEW - Matera Colour L322T
Orient red matt AFP
Matt UV lacquer structure
Avola L777U Nebraska oak effect AFP
NEW - Avola L777U
Nebraska oak effect AFP
Avola L757U Victoria walnut effect AFP
Avola L757U
Victoria walnut effect AFP
Avola L767U Akoni wood effect AFP
Avola L767U
Akoni wood effect AFP
Avola L772U Oak onyx black effect AFP
Avola L772U
Oak onyx black effect AFP

Further information on fronts and colours can be found here. See our fronts and colours

See our fronts and colours 

Circular economy & recyclability

100% recyclable materials

Matera, Matera Colour and Avola can be safely reintroduced into the cycle as they are 100% recyclable. Their materials are fully reusable and can be used to produce new fronts or worktops.

Sustainable raw materials & recyclable materials

Made from 89% sustainable raw materials and up to 71% wood from the circular economy

Our new Matera and Matera Colour fronts are made from particle board with a low carbon footprint. This particle board is also the main material in our Avola wood-effect fronts. The materials used contain both recycled wood and sawmill by-products and so use a high proportion of resource-saving raw materials.

How does even more sustainability in the kitchen sound?

Handles made from recycled fishing nets

Our sustainable kitchen handles are made from OceanIX Plastic obtained from plastic waste and old fishing nets, which are collected and then recycled into high-quality plastic. These handles are helping to solve the worldwide issue of waste in the oceans and to prevent the loss of valuable raw materials. They are a small but significant step on our journey to a sustainable circular economy.

OceanIX plastic handles are also available in the new colour pebble grey to match fronts, surrounds and carcases and create a tidy, minimalist look.

Zum OceanIX Plastic Griff

Sustainable interior fittings

With the introduction of the OrganiQ interior fittings range, we are taking a significant step in terms of the environmentally friendly use of resources in the kitchen.

OrganiQ is made of 78% natural fibres. With equal proportions of hemp and kenaf, this composite material is made from grasses that are able to quickly grow back on barren land in nutrient-depleted soil and help to bind CO₂.

Find out more about OrganiQ

The direct route to retailers near you

Would you like to see our fronts for yourself and get help finding the right fronts for your dream kitchen? Use the retailer search function to find experts near you

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