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Nachhaltigkeit Motiv


Economics do not work without ecology

The philosophy behind everything we do focuses on nature conservation, on maintaining the ecological balance. As such, we were quick to develop a conscious business practice that favours the environment. All under the aspect: actions speak louder than words.


Nachhaltigkeit Motiv
Motiv für Umwelt Energiemanagement
LKW Motiv
Feuer Motiv
Lack Motiv

As such, we have long used business practices that are consciously kind to the environment. This attitude is expressed in responsible manufacturing with investments in eco-friendly production facilities, a heating system fired on scrap wood, effective energy management certified to DIN EN ISO 50001 and a fuel-saving fleet of trucks that complies with Euro 6 standard. At the heart of our environmental footprint considerations are the materials we use to make our kitchens. This means we only work with wood and wood-based materials that meet the PEFC-standard.

We regard our company’s carbon offsetting as our biggest success to date in terms of sustainability. This considered the carbon balance of all direct and indirect emissions. The calculated carbon footprint is compensated for by purchasing (redeeming) high-quality international climate protection certificates. Our achievement has been confirmed by the DGM, who awarded us the title “carbon-neutral company”.


Tree planting campaign for more sustainability

At recent trade fairs, sustainability has taken on a special importance for us. In line with the expansion of our sustainable Schüller kitchen range, we have brought a tree-planting campaign to life.

Each and every signature of those visiting our showroom and our events in Herrieden has been symbolically used to plant a sapling that is now rejuvenating the conservation area Spessart.

Further information

Cycle of nature

Nachhaltigkeit Motiv

More responsibility for the cycle of nature. Our company’s certification with the PEFC logo is symbolic of our commitment to the environment and careful use of wood as an indispensable raw material. PEFC is an acronym for "Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes". The displayed PEFC label is traceable confirmation that the woods and wooden materials used originate from ecologically, economically and socially sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. The obligation to regularly provide proof continuously ensures adherence to the PEFC Chain of Custody.


Zeichen für Klimaneutral

The basis for a climate neutral furniture manufacturer is the carbon footprint. To receive certification as a climate-neutral furniture manufacturer, the manufacturer is required to calculate its "footprint" every year on the basis of 3 scopes. This footprint is made up of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions. The calculated carbon footprint is compensated for by purchasing (redeeming) high-quality international climate protection certificates that meet the Gold Standard, the VCS Standard or the Clean Development Mechanism. As Schüller has eliminated all CO2 emissions of the 3 scopes, the company has been awarded the highest level of "Climate Neutral Furniture Manufacturer". 

Energy sources are resources for the future

Energiemanagement Motiv

Energy sources are resources for the future

The energy management system introduced under DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 requires companies to reduce their energy consumption in a structured and systematic manner by continuously recording and evaluating energy data as well as by taking subsequent measures to improve their energy efficiency. This way, our investments go far beyond the product. For our commitment to sustainability and responsible use of energy. For a better world.

On the road with clean road trucks

LKW Motiv

On the road with clean road trucks

From Germany to France, Spain, the UK, Benelux and other countries ... Anyone, like us, covering thousands upon thousands of miles across Europe bears a responsibility. To meet this responsibility, Schüller has for years been investing in an increasingly eco-friendly and fuel-saving fleet of trucks, currently numbering 63. This makes the Euro 6 standard our contribution to making the air cleaner. Today and in the future.


Heizanlage Motiv

“Where wood is chopped splinters must fall”, a saying goes. This is exactly what happens in producing kitchens – where waste wood is left in abundance. What would be more obvious than to turn it into energy rather than to leave it as waste. And so, we generate energy to heat the whole company through the thermal incineration of our scrap wood with multiple waste gas purification. This is a step towards the future, both ecologically and economically.


Water-based lacquer

Motiv für Lack Wasserbasis

Solvents-free, low-emission lacquer, this is a strong selling point for our wide range of internally produced lacquer fronts with their gloss or matt effects. Whether lacquered by hand or in our lacquer coating line – our water-based lacquer always produces perfect results – from lacquer application to the colour fidelity of all batches. This gives you the reassurance of selling a top product with the added value of bespoke production.



Our commitment to individuals and the environment extends through to our kitchen packaging. With our partner company RKT-Recycling-Kontor, we are constantly developing new transport packaging. This keeps our kitchens as well-protected as possible as they make their way to you, and at the same time protects the environment. Recycling capability plays a crucial role here. By using modern, sustainable packaging and using materials efficiently, we reduce unnecessary packaging waste from the outset.


We show the same commitment towards our employees. We instil a love of nature early on in our youngest members of staff, our apprentices, and teach them the importance of being committed to its protection. This leads to a wide range of activities, such as building bird houses. The option of renting an electric bicycle is also hugely popular.