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Tafel Warenausgabe

Together through difficult times

A donation drive by Schüller Möbelwerk KG

Rising levels of demand and falling levels of food donations. To continue their work for society, the Tafel food banks urgently need your support. Help us to help out!


Join us in suporting the Tafel´s work

Schüller Möbelwerk KG is therefore appealing for help with its donation drive.

Donate now

Tafel experiencing a new kind of need

As in other parts of the world, the current economic situation is causing a growing number of people in Germany to fear for their livelihoods. Many citizens’ personal circumstances are increasingly deteriorating. 13.2 million people in Germany live in or are at risk of poverty. About 2 million people regularly visit a Tafel. They do not have enough healthy food. The unemployed, people on low incomes, pensioners and Ukrainian refugees rely on support particularly often due to inflation, the pandemic and the consequences of war.


Tafel Warenausgabe

Poverty in Germany is at a dramatic high: the number of Tafel visitors has increased by half

At present, almost all Tafel are distributing donated food to more people: most Tafel have recorded an increase of up to 50 percent in their number of customers. The Tafel are at breaking point and report that many people are coming to them who have previously managed to make ends meet but are now having to ask for help for the first time. However, they also say that former customers are returning for support once more because their situation has deteriorated again. It is clear that people are now lacking what they need the most. The fact that demand is even higher can be seen from the situation that almost a third of the Tafel have stopped accepting new customers. They don’t have enough food and/or volunteers to help everyone who is asking for their support. The situation is also putting great strain on the helpers as more customers means longer distribution hours and more work. The people who work at the Tafel do so because they want to combat food waste and show their solidarity as they support those affected by poverty. Seeing that the help they are providing is not enough and that the support needed by people in poverty is not being provided by those actually responsible for doing so is hard to bear.


Tafel Warenausgabe Lebensmittel

Save food. Help people.

The Tafel idea

The over 960 voluntary Tafel in Germany collect surplus but perfectly good foodstuffs from retailers and manufacturers and regularly distribute them to over 2 million people in poverty throughout the country. This creates a bridge between waste and poverty. With around 60,000 volunteers, the Tafel are among the largest socio-ecological movements in Germany. They are organised by the umbrella association Tafel Deutschland e.V.

Find out more about the history of Tafel Deutschland

Tafel Warenannahme

The over 960 non-profit Tafel are the largest savers of food in Germany. The socio-ecological commitment of the 60,000 helpers is unique.


The Tafel’s values

“What we stand for”


Sustainability – it takes great effort and expense to produce food.
Food is valuable. The Tafel are committed to preventing the destruction of food.

Humanity – whatever their origins, opportunities and limitations,
all people in poverty are treated with respect; their dignity is upheld.

Justice and participation – everyone should receive opportunities for
personal, cultural, social, educational and professional development.

Social responsibility – the Tafel accept social responsibility through their actions
and remind society of its obligation to people in poverty.


Tafel Icon

Tafel – a multifaceted system

The Tafel operate using a range of different models. There are Tafel that only distribute food, Tafel that also give out hot meals, Tafel that have clothes banks and Tafel that offer social welfare advice. Many Tafel also offer cookery courses for children, German lessons or cafés for the elderly. This turns them into social hubs for people of different origins, levels of education and ages. The services offered by the Tafel are as diverse as their customers. They are all united under the umbrella of Tafel Deutschland.


The main focus of the Tafel’s work: food distribution.

Kochen in der Tafel

Other Tafel cook the food and give out hot meals.


Some Tafel have clothes banks...


… or offer social welfare advice.

All support helps


All support helps

  • €90 fills a fuel tank to deliver food to people in poverty.
  • €100 finances 1,000 pairs of disposable gloves.
  • €150 helps to purchase a gazebo for distributing food outdoors.
  • €250 enables a distribution site to be fitted with perspex screens (‘sneeze guards’) to prevent the transmission of infections.
  • €300 covers the cost of buying a new forklift truck for a Tafel warehouse.
  • €500 can buy a new washing machine to wash reusable fabric bags.
  • €1,000 covers the cost of a fridge for refrigerating food.
  • €1,200 finances a new industrial dishwasher for use when serving hot meals.
  • €3,000 helps filter the air in the dispensing sites with a room air purifier.
  • €5,000 goes a long way towards purchasing a new van


Source: https://www.betterplace.org/de/organisations/2448-tafel-deutschland-e-v

Help that hits the spot!

How can I support the Tafel? By donating to the Tafel food banks, you make an active commitment to combatting poverty and distributing available resources fairly.

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN DE63 1002 0500 0001 1185 00
Reference: Schüller Spendenaktion

You can also make donations via the following link
Donate now

100 % of your donation goes to the tafel!

The associated administrative costs will be fully covered by Schüller Möbelwerk KG.

The Tafel are making a valuable social contribution on behalf of people in need in Austria too.

Erste Bank
IBAN AT09 2011 1310 0530 3005
Reference: Schüller Spendenaktion

Tiroler Sparkasse
IBAN AT94 2050 3033 0146 9015
Reference: Schüller Spendenaktion

A look back at our most recently supported project

We at Schüller Möbelwerk KG and the Jesuitenmission thank you for your donations. Together, we were able to collect an impressive amount for the projects and support children, women and their families. Find out more about the specific measures that were made possible by the donations.

Fotos: Dagmar Schwelle , Monique Wüstenhagen & Nikolaus Urban | Tafel Deutschland e.V.