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Schüler in Algeria

Fe y Alegría

A helping hand in times of the pandemic

The corona pandemic affected some countries very badly. The measures taken by Fe y Alegría to support children in times of the crisis were therefore all the more important.

Commitment and help for schools

In order to buffer the worst effects of the Corona pandemic in the global south, Fe y Alegría established a comprehensive package of measures. The first priority was to provide children and their families with basic food and hygiene kits and ensure shelter and job security for teachers. Awareness-raising and prevention campaigns on Covid-19 were launched in most countries. The following concrete measures could be implemented through last year's donations:

Schüler in Nepal


Solidarity with asia


The second wave of Covid-19 has severely affected life in Nepal. Due to the severity and the many deaths, the government had to impose a strict lockdown. As a result, many villages were cut off from all means of transport and communication and people could not leave their homes. As a result, the supply of food became a problem. So, Fe y Alegría began to work with local Jesuit communities and local organisations. Through the "we feed" programme, more than 7,000 people were provided with food. They also began to equip the schools for digital teaching. 50% of the equipment has been purchased and the installations in 7 schools are completed. The remaining schools will follow after the current monsoon.


Support for south america


In order to be able to implement the project, the opening of the schools had been awaited. So far, 81% of the teachers' salaries have been increased and 19% have been granted transportation expenses. The project is expected to be extended by 3 months.

Children learning


Help for Africa


Awareness-raising events and radio broadcasts have been organised on the impact and fight against Corona. As a result, communities have become aware of the presence of Covid-19 and possible protective measures. Hygiene kits were also handed to at least 3,000 people in 19 education centres of Fe y Alegría.

kids writing on the board

Water, a vital resource, remains inaccessible to a large part of the population. To help with this problem, Fe y Alegría Chad repaired two wells at schools. A total of around 1,700 pupils are benefiting from this project. A solar-powered water well was built at the Bitkine training centre. These measures facilitate access to drinking water and thus contribute to improving hygiene conditions for everyone.

Many thanks for your support!

Together, we were able to collect a large sum

and make an important contribution for the children and their families!