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city apartment kitchen

Kitchens for urban people

Minimum space but maximum results!

The city is a place of inspiration – full of impulses, cultures and possibilities. It is where ideas are born, trends are developed and Zeitgeist is lived. Not only in the streets where life is throbbing, but also within your own four walls – where the kitchen should be perfectly integrated into the available space.

Minimum space but maximum results!

Wohnung mit unterschiedliche Tiefen bei den Oberschränke und Lamellensockel

Urban lifestyle is always characterised by openness

Modern city apartments usually offer somewhat limited space. To really use and design this space with style and contemporary flair, we offer a virtually unlimited number of possibilities for combining cooking, living and lifestyle – while also adding special touches that reflect you as a person.


Urban warm wood look kitchen

Perfect planning involves both creativity and functionality. The key is to create harmonious transitions by using contiguous surfaces, materials and elements that embody urban lifestyle and impart a good feeling in every situation.

full length pullout cabinets

Even with all the openness, ceiling-high cabinets and abundant storage space create a well-ordered, uncluttered atmosphere.

A day in the life

Andreas – The Roaster


"When the aroma of freshly-roasted coffee beans enlivens an entire neighbourhood, I am at peace with my world. After all, following 20 years in the sales rat race, I’ve been putting my heart and soul into roasting unique speciality coffee for some time now. For me, this means craft, passion, honesty, art and commitment combined. So that people can enjoy my creations in my little shop looking out on vibrant city life or while relaxing at home in their kitchen, I use skill, experience and patience to transform the green coffee beans into something that is truly incomparable. The results are out of this world!"