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This look will never get out of style

L092U Crystal white matt AFP

What the little black dress in terms of fashion that is brilliant white in the kitchen: a choice that is always modern.


The kitchen with its reduced and classic look leaves special planning details the necessary freedom to shine, for example due to the wardrobe of contrasting colour with atmospherical lighting: an ideal solution, especially when the space is rare.

Das untergebaute Frame Rack als Schreibtisch glänzt mit seiner kubischen Wirkung und bietet ausreichend Platz zum Verstauen.

The underbuilt Frame Rack used as a writing desk is not only stylish but also a perfect solution for storing everything.

Thought-out down to the last detail: with the Orga Wall, unused areas serve as practical storage space for utensils that need to be at hand in the hectic everyday life.

Smooth transitions: due to the matching sideboard, the classic look of the kitchen is continued into the living area.

Fronts, handles, worktop
High gloss UV lacquer & laminate
Fino Matt L092U Crystal white matt AFP
Fino Matt L092U
Crystal white matt AFP
Grip ledges
936 Black
Steel/graphic decor effect
K042 Alvaro slate effect
Alvaro slate effect