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newly built kitchen

Tips for bespoke kitchen designs

5 tips for bespoke kitchen designs with Sina @siebzehn49

Sina from @siebzehn49, an Instagram account with around 24,000 followers, opted for a linear sand grey kitchen when renovating her listed vicarage built in 1749. She gives an insight into her planning thought process, decision-making criteria and experience with Schüller.


house front
schöne Hausfassade

#1 Tip: Modular planning for personal solutions

Sina and her partner are renovating an old vicarage built in 1749. She documents the process on her Instagram account @siebzehn49, much to the delight of her thousands of followers. The almost 300-year-old building features unusual architectural details and characteristics. For Sina, a pre-existing “off-the-shelf” kitchen was out of the question.

She had precise ideas about her dream kitchen and had already come up with a complete concept for the room before going to her kitchen retailer: “We wouldn’t have known where to start with a new build, so we already had an existing basis. We took advantage of these characteristics and based our design on them.

weiße Landhausküche

Sina wanted to have a continuous worktop that was as long as possible and, if possible, include a medicine cabinet in the design. With Schüller, she found a solution that she could tailor to accommodate her wishes and requirements: “In the end, it wasn’t that complicated because the kitchens are so modular and you can customise the design.”

newly built kitchen

#2 Tip: Sufficient storage space is essential

Planning well-thought-out storage is vital in the kitchen.

Firstly, you need to think about your requirements and what kind of storage solutions are right for them. For Sina, it was particularly important to design drawers so that the contents could be accessed easily.


Practical, attractive and tidy—interior fitting components offer well-organised storage in base units and drawers. Discover more about our drawers, pull-out inserts and Flex-Boxes. 

To storage space & organisation

For the homeowner, the medicine cabinet is a space-saving storage wonder: “You can fit so much in there, and we open it about a hundred times a day.”    

The medicine cabinet is a stylish, discreet addition that keeps Sina’s elegant kitchen organised. The cabinet is inconspicuous on the outside yet a miracle-working storage solution on the inside as the carcase of this unique storage cupboard is designed to be taken out. By pulling out the entire contents, Sina gets a quick overview of what’s inside and can easily take things out when needed. Sina designed the cupboard so she can access it from both sides.

Thanks to the modular planning options, she was able to make use of every centimetre. With ceiling-high kitchen units and seemingly floating wall units, she was able to use the full height of the space.

weißer Apothekerschrank
Kitchen sink

#3 Tip: A special emphasis on functionality

The homeowners were instantly won over by the characteristics of the ceramic worktop. “It is a very robust, durable and inexpensive worktop.”

The non-porous surface absorbs neither liquids nor grease, making it easy to clean and hygienic. The pleasant, natural-stone-like feel and elegant appearance, as well as the possibility of a long, continuous worktop, also made the material a clear choice for the couple. A hob and sink could also be installed flush with the surface, in keeping with the kitchen’s minimalistic look.


#4 Tip: Ergonomics for
more comfort

When planning her Schüller kitchen, Sina took the opportunity to integrate electrical appliances at a convenient height to make tasks easier and ensure the space is highly ergonomic. The worktop height can also be customised to the height of the user. This makes food preparation and cooking enjoyable and easy on the body.

Highly practical: thanks to Tip-On technology, all it takes is a light push to open the cutlery drawer, for example—perfect for when you’ve got no free hands. “When we were on holiday, we noticed we kept trying to push the kitchen drawers to open them.”

#5 Tip: Design without compromise

For Sina, the shade sand grey was a significant milestone that influenced the rest of her planning. “The colour was just perfect for us, and we are still so happy with our decision.” For her, no other colour could compare and it went perfectly with her design style—understated and minimalist, of course.

newly built kitchen

“I was really inspired by a photo on the Schüller homepage”, remembers Sina, “and that got us thinking!” The rest of the materials and colours in the house were chosen based on this colour scheme for a harmonious overall look. The interior design style perfectly showcases the unique features of the old building.

Küche im Landhausstil

Sina from @siebzehn49 found the inspiration for her kitchen colour scheme on the Schüller website in the modern and timeless SIENA in sand grey. Discover more about the bright, natural shade and the kitchen.

To the kitchen models

weiße Landhausküche

Minimal, linear and coherent—the kitchen reflects the homeowner’s interior design style.

For Sina, the kitchen has become a lot more than a room where food is prepared: “We feel very at home in our kitchen. It’s not just a purely functional room but also a place in which we love to spend time—with both friends and family.”

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