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red matt kitchen

Kitchens for gourmets

The kitchen as a room for mindfulness

Digitisation has changed our lives. A lot of things are getting faster and less personal. This gives us all the more reason to concentrate on genuine values and experiences, particularly at home – and to consciously enjoy them with all our senses.


A creative oasis in everyday life

orient red cooking island

More space and time to deliberately enjoy liveability.

Take a deep breath and a short break from the daily grind. Enjoy life in the moment. Smell, feel and taste with all your senses. And what better place to do this than in the kitchen – providing the design focus is on slowing down and true quality of life, that is. With plenty of space to share the finer things in life with your favourite people.


Auszüge und Schubladen
black worktop

Check the special details: For example, unobtrusive, tasteful design and high-quality materials, including intelligent lighting and perfect kitchen ergonomics. This means workflows for preparing and cooking can be precisely tailored to the personal preferences of cooking enthusiasts and bon-vivants, and everyone is happy in all respects. Even the equipment promotes inspiration. This is true with regard to storage space and organisation, as well as for the surface design.

black worktop
worktop with delicious food

A Day in the Life

Heike – The Fisher



“Early in the morning, at 4:30 a.m., when we put out to sea to haul in our nets – it’s an indescribable feeling. And yes – you must bring along a great deal of passion. A passion for nature itself and for our traditional craft in particular. That’s why we fish on Lake Constance sustainably, with control and only for wild fish that seek their own food. We strictly comply with the recovery periods so that the animals can reproduce unhindered. In that way, our customers can be happy when they ultimately prepare a product of the highest quality in their kitchen, with a real clear conscience.”