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Kitchen island

Kitchen and wine bar in a room

K023 Concrete quartz grey effect

Perfect for gourmets! Today we attach a lot of importance to what we put on our plates: regional, organic, top quality and special ingredients are a must. This requires a kitchen where food can be prepared attentively and conscientiously.


grey modern kitchen

The kitchen island is perfect for preparing meals together with friends and family. Alternatively, you can simply seat your guests at the adjoining counter, pour them a glass of wine and chat away while you get on with the cooking.


Thanks to the tall unit with its pull-out larder, the kitchen is also appealing on the inside with its ample storage space. The insert with natural oak Flex-Boxes also guarantees that drawers and pull-outs will be kept nice and tidy. Horizontal and vertical onyx black handles enhance the serene look. The icing on the cake is the extra-thin worktop, which comes in the same material as the kitchen.

kitchen with recess panel

One of the highlights is the recess panel with its built-in herb garden. Thanks to the lighting, it provides fresh herbs all year round – even where it’s a bit darker. What’s more, the panel system enables additional elements to be incorporated. In this case, a simple shelf.

Fronts, handles, worktop
Elba K023 Concrete quartz grey effect
Elba K023
Concrete quartz grey effect
Grip ledge profiles
7185 Onyx black
Onyx black
Wood decor effect