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cooking with family

Kitchens for family people

There’s always something going on!

Essentially a family kitchen is a space that is really open to everything: somewhere to laugh and cry, play and learn, discuss and decide. Of course, it’s also a place to cook and eat – often together with friends of the family, both young and old. All of this must be considered in the planning.

Full of life with room to evolve

zusammen kochen als Familie

The heart of the family beats in the kitchen.

A family kitchen needs to meet many different needs: room to cook and eat goes without saying. What’s more, it’s a meeting point for big and small, a place to laugh, talk, argue, make up, the hub of family life, a playroom and much more. Surface materials should be able to withstand a good deal – and kitchen design should be tailored to the different members of the family. Appliances installed at higher levels can prevent accidents, while base units with an opening system make life easier for all.

Family kitchen

Adequate storage space is particularly important. Available space should be optimally utilised – this is ensured not only by intelligent and highly flexible equipment solutions, but also by the great variability in height and depth of the individual cabinet carcases. Thus family life can freely unfold.

family kitchen