Flowing transitions between kitchen, living space & working space

L490P Mocha brown satin, pore

Urban lifestyle means that living, cooking, lifestyle and work are increasingly merging. It’s nice when the kitchen helps create transitions that are flowing yet structured. The sophisticated aesthetics of the shelf in a warm wood look and the kitchen bar separate the areas – and the working space also has a clearly defined space.



How to casually live and enjoy the spirit of our times

The elevated dishwasher is equipped with Knock-to-Open and therefore can be opened as easily as the fridge.


The full-length pullout cabinet (a storage space miracle) and the sink base unit that accommodates a modern waste-separation system with recycling bag. All pull-outs have the C-Drive electronic opening system, which is activated with light pressure. Living here is a real pleasure.


Fronts, handles, worktop
Satin lacquer, pore
NEW – L490P
Mocha brown satin, pore
Handle bar
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NEW – 711
Onyx black