Beautiful by nature

K855 Norway maple effect

Would you prefer to keep it quite natural? Then a kitchen with a wood look is sure to give you a warm, cosy atmosphere. 


Here, everything is in unison! The main material in the kitchen – Norway maple effect – was not only used for the fronts, but also for the worktop, support panels and recess panel. A smaller worktop was also able to be incorporated. The final result is a tranquil, homely feel in the room. 

Another fine detail is the open shelving unit in autumn red. Its special feature is the beautifully placed light accents. This atmospheric lighting helps to create a pleasant environment that invites you to stay a while.


Laminate fronts are hard-wearing with high-quality melamine resin coating. Surfaces are available in a range of monochrome colours. Furthermore, fronts can be finely textured and are extremely popular with the wood effect.

Lima K855 Norway maple effect
Lima K855
Norway maple effect
Lima K505 Natural knotty oak effect
Lima K505
Natural knotty oak effect