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Kitchen thought one step further

Sideboards, shelves and living room units made from kitchen elements ‒ in times of open living concepts, it is extremely important that all pieces of furniture are matching. This way, the cooking, living and dining area turns into one big living space.


The side table

The side table

The side table is a consistent helper in everyday life. It can be used for various purposes: in order to store foods so that you have more space on the worktop while preparing, as a serving trolley or as a mobile bar – it always looks good. Especially practical: In case it is not used, it  can be folded and stored in a corner. And it also makes a visual impression.



Sideboards that are matching the kitchen create a harmonious transition to the living area.

When it comes to the design of living spaces, materials play an important role. Those who appreciate a natural look will like the elements in natural oak, for example cross dividers, small drawers or pull-outs with crate effect.

Light and airy with lots of storage space: this is garanteed by our wall-mounted sideboards. Especially in combination with wall units with sliding doors, a striking look is created.


Frame Rack – the shelf system made from aluminium

Whether suspended from the ceiling, mounted on the wall, integrated into the island or used as a  spacious solo solution. With their slim frames in stainless steel or onyx black, our Frame Racks always set a statement. With their minimalist, graphic look, they give the kitchen a light feel.  If the shelves are illuminated, a very special atmosphere is created – a striking design element.


Thanks to the illumination which is available as an option, favourite pieces can be staged optimally.

Tables and benches

Light-footed and sociable – that's our table withthe matching bench. The table frame is available in stainless steel or onyx black, the tabletop can be configured by using support panel material. Thanks to these possibilities, the pieces of furniture with their understated elegance adapt to different styles.


Glass cabinets

Glass cabinets

The glass cabinet – Everything is visible in order to bring joy. This  piece of furniture brings a special atmosphere and a comfortable feel to your home. Thanks to the atmospherical lighting, it is a statement and at the same time a stage for collector's items and the favourite china.

Elements with sliding doors

Elements with sliding doors

An interesting change between open and closed areas: The single-track units with sliding doors are not only space saving but, thanks to the smooth run and the gentle deadening, they are extremely user-friendly.


Elements with sliding doors  create a homely look. This way, you can create interesting insights into the island.